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EquityTrader Charts provide the major financial technical analysis tools to monitor equities including:
interactive and dynamic price and history charts, indicator charts (more than 50 indicators), BBStops, Chandelier/Parabolic Stops, Ice Breaker System, Expert Stock Analyzer, programmable indicators with BBScript, Backtesting and automating trading strategies, automatic and manual TrendLines, ratings analysis, tree structure, fundamental data, related stocks and latest news.
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You can specify the start and end date by entering them manually in the start and end date boxes.
Use the browser back and forward history buttons to to navigate to a previous selection without having to reload the page.
Zoom in and out from a chart by using the mouse wheel.
EquityTrader charts are fully dynamic and interactive, drag the chart horizontally to go back and forth in time.
For a detailed report on a symbol's ratings, click the 'Ratings' option to display the Ratings Analysis menu.
Toggle the TrendLine switch in our Advanced Chart that turns automatic TrendLine channels on and off.
For any given stock chart, the latest news will be displayed. For groups or sectors, the underlying major stock news are displayed.
Professional subscribers have access to Bollinger Bands indicators: BandWidth, %b, BB Impulse, Percent BandWidth, BandWidth Delta as well as 30 other Technical Indicators.
In the industry group table, sort the symbols by potential or by performance.
Create your own portfolio and monitor your stocks by registering to EquityTrader to gain access to the PORTFOLIO section.
Siblings Quotes Widget: displays the latest quotes of related stocks. More precisely, it displays siblings' quotes of the same group that the selected stock belongs to.
The last chart and settings plotted are always remembered and will appear on the browser next time you open the chart or homepage.
Using BBScript you can easily create nearly any indicator you can imagine and with the latest version you can easily test your ideas with our new Backtester.
Recent Quotes Widget: displays the latest requested quotes and will be remembered from page to page. Any new symbol request will be added to the top of the quote list.
Rearrange the order of your indicator and price charts by grabbing and dropping each sub-chart in the desired location and order.
Professional subscribers can change the price chart bar types. Choose between line, candle, interday, intraday, traditional and Bollinger bars.
In edit mode, double click a Fibonacci or growth TrendLine to pop up the parameter window for editing.
Pro Advanced Charts offer customizable Parabolic Stop and Reverse lines and generate trade reports based for a single trade or a trading system.
Go back to any previously viewed symbol by clicking on it in the 'Recent Quotes' table.
For any given stock chart, a fundamentals data table is displayed. Data includes: dividend yield, dividend per share, price to earninds, earnings per share, price to book, market capitalization and stock exchange. For multiple symbol plots, fundamentals data table are displayed for each.
EquityTrader offers BBScript, a web based programming language that is integrated with the advanced chart and offers the ability to program and Backtest highly customizable indicators and trading ideas.
The colored bar on the upper edge of a price chart displays the historical performance ratings.
When plotting multiple symbols in the same chart, you can specify the color for each price series by clicking the paint brush button.
Edit TrendLines by clicking the mouse arrow button in the TrendLine menu. Grab the body and drop the TrendLine body or the circular edge.
Bollinger Band® Expert: An artificial intelligence system, integrated in our advanced charts, that analyzes a stock or fund and prepares a report that may be read or listened to. Learn More...
Change the period of Hips and Lops by clicking multiple times on the number next to the 'H/L' switch in the price chart header.
Widely used technical analysis indicators: volume, momentum, money flow index, relative strength, intraday intensity, accumulation-distribution
Professional subscribers have access to more than 30 Technical Indicators.
Professional subscribers can add up to 3 simple or exponential moving averages in the 'Chart' options menu.
Listen to the Bollinger Band® Expert Analysis by clicking the audio Expert option while using our advanced chart.
Check out the industry group structure of a symbol and sort it according to ratings or symbol through the 'Structure' tab.
The colored bar on the lower edge of a price chart displays the historical potential ratings.
Money Flow Index is a volume weighted version of RSI. It's a superior tool for identifying confirmations and nonconfirmations Bollinger Bands tags.
All major indices quotes are displayed in the ticker crawler on top of the page. Click any index name to plot the chart for that index.
Add more than one ticker in the symbol input field, separated by commas, spaces or semicolons to plot multiple symbols in the same chart.
Momentum indicator is best used for classic divergence analysis.
Hover over alphebetically labeled news boxes for the latest news.
TrendLines can be anchored to the closest significant point on the chart. After selecting a TrendLine, move the mouse close to the desired point.
For full historic signals reports, ratings and Bollinger Bands pattern tools, use the Professional section available only for subscribers.
For the top selection of stock picks based on performance or potential ratings, go to the 'Lists' section.
One of our Backtester's best features is its equity curve plot that allows you to see at a glance how your approach is doing over time. Of course BBScript offers the normal system statistics, but seeing the shape of the equity curve over time is worth 1,000 stats.
Monitor the daily percentage change of any searched symbol and compare it to the percentage price change in its parent industry gorup, sector and overall market. Plotting multiple symbols will display the structure percentage price change table for each equity with all the tables having the same reference.
Delete a TrendLine in edit mode, by selecting the TrendLine and then pressing the 'DELETE' button.
Professional subscribers can program and Backtest their own indicators using BBScript, a web based programming language for Technical Analysis integrated with our Advanced Chart.
Relative-strength line compares stock price action to that of the market. Rising line, stock is outperforming the market. Falling, stock is lagging.
Pro Advanced Charts offer customizable Chandelier Stop lines and generate trade reports for a single trade or a trading system.
Professional Subscribers can add a wide variety of TrendLines, including fibonacci support/resistance lines as well as growth TrendLines to their charts.
The Accumulation/Distribution line is a good tool for basic trend identification and confirmation.
If you can't remember the ticker of a certain symbol, type in a word from the stock name and the lookup assistant will show you the closest matches.
Have the latest PowerShift signals emailed to you by becoming a subscriber and signing up on the Professional Alert Signals section.
EquiVolume charts have variable width bars. They bars with higher volume to average volume ratio are drawn wider than bars with lower ratio. Click here to try them out.
The arrow buttons next to the chart submit button help you navigate the parent, weaker and stronger siblings as well as the strongest descendent.
Volume is the most important of all the indicators. In conjunction with price, volume depicts the ebb and flow of money in a security.
Bollinger Band® Expert offers two levels of analysis, a free basic version and a more advanced version available for Professional subscribers.
Professional subscribers can edit the parameters of indicators instead of the standard fixed values.
The Intraday Intensity is useful for diagnosing tags of the bands and divergence identification.
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