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Equivolume Charts are technical charts with bars of varying width to portray both price progress and the supply/demand forces as trading progresses. Bars with higher volume to average volume ratio are drawn wider than bars with lower volume to average volume ratio.
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Toggle stock randomizer, by clicking the question mark symbol next to the ticker field, to get new stock ideas.
In EquiVolume charts, a bar with a normalized volume of 2.5 is 5 times wider than a bar with a normalized volume of 0.5.
Pop out the EquiVolume chart in a separate window by clicking on the 'popup' button on the top right corner of the application.
Only tickers with volume data (no indices) can be plotted in EquiVolume charts.
The EquiVolume 'AvgVol' field specifies the average volume period needed in determining the width of each bar.
Selecting 1 for 'AvgVol' will plot the traditional equal width bar charts.
Toggle the EquiVolume Indicators panel and choose among a dozen popular technical indicators.
The EquiVolume 'Sample' field determines the number of total bars displayed on a plot.
EquiVolume charts have variable width bars. They bars with higher volume to average volume ratio are drawn wider than bars with lower ratio.
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