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EquityTrader.com offers a subscription-based Professional area to assist traders in stock picking.
Subscriber benefits:
  • Pivots/Powershifts
    Daily list of stocks exhibiting Pivots and Powershifts (trading signals)
  • Bollinger Bands
    List of stocks depicting Bollinger Band patterns (Squeeze, Walk Up/Down Bands, %b, etc)
  • Stock Screener
    Screen for stocks based upon a large variety of criteria.
  • ET Ratings
    List of top/bottom potential ratings and changes, top/bottom performers, top/bottom gains and losses in $ and %, and newly rated stocks.
For more details and illustrations on each of the sections above, go the professional main support section.

In addition Pro subscribers have full access to our:
ADVANCED CHARTS features, including:
  • BBScript
    Program your own indicators and trading ideas with BBScript, a web based programming language for Technical Analysis integrated with EquityTrader's advanced charts
  • Backtesting
    Using BBScript you can easily create nearly any indicator you can imagine and test your ideas with our new integrated Backtester. The Backtester allows you to build, test and automate your own trading strategies with the help of trade reports, equity curves, and many other tools. Learn more about the Backtester.
  • More than 30 Technical Indicators
    Includes all the Bollinger Band Indicators including John Bollinger’s newest work, a wide selection indicators that measure the following: volume, trend, overbought/oversold, momentum, relative strength, range and exclusive to the Bollinger Band websites, the Alphier indicators.
  • Options to Edit Indicator Parameters
    Ability to edit the parameters of all the indicators instead of being limited to fixed standard parameters.
  • TrendLines
    Options to create and customize different types of trend lines (open or closed start or end trend lines, growth lines, Fibonacci support/resistance multi-lines)
  • Full Chart Options Settings
    Ability to change chart type, add overlays: Bollinger Bands, simple and exponential moving averages.
The Bollinger Bands Mobile application combines the most popular interactive charting and screening features from our websites customized for a mobile touch-based screen. It provides features you would expect from the most sophisticated financial software guaranteed to turn your smartphone or tablet into a Technical Analysis powerhouse. EquityTrader Professional subscribers have full access to all the application features. Click here to learn more.

The Professional area offers a free one-month trial and thereafter is $25/month.

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Risk Adjusted Historical Return: Annualized historical return divided by negative beta. This is the number the Performance rating is based on.
For more information on Example Buys and Sells Systems, refer to the glossary in the ET Support section.
Clicking a stock symbol will popup the symbol's chart.
Screen for stocks within a specified group or sector by their percentile rank in overall market, parent group or grandparent sector.
Bollinger Bands patterns: Squeezes, upper or lower bands walkers, stocks below or above the lower bands or upper bands respectively...
Have alert PowerShift signals emailed to you by clicking the 'Alert Signal Emails' button on the left side of the screen under the date table.
For Bollinger Bands formulas, refer to the ET Support section.
For more information on squeezes and walkers, refer to the glossary in the ET Support section.
In the Alert Signals section, pick any date in the left menu and select either the positive or negative Pivots or PowerShifts to display them.
All major indices quotes are displayed in the ticker crawler on top of the page. Click any index name to plot the chart for that index.
For more information on ET Ratings, refer to the features description in the ET Support section.
You can always view all the signals occurring in a symbol's history in any price chart.
For more information Stock Screening criteria, refer to the features description in the ET Support section.
Screen by wide variety of criteria and save stock results from Stock Screening by clicking the 'Save list to Portfolio' button on top of the results.
Screen for stocks based on a wide range of criteria: ratings ranges, potential ranking, risk adjusted returns...
Screen for stocks based on a wide range of criteria: price range, average and normalized volume, alphas and betas...
For more information on PowerShifts and Pivots, refer to the glossary in the ET Support section.
In the Bollinger Bands Patterns section, all the table data reflect the values of the current selected date.
Recent Quotes Widget: displays the latest requested quotes and will be remembered from page to page. Any new symbol request will be added to the top of the quote list.
In the Alert Signals section, all the table data reflect the values of the current selected date.
EquiVolume charts have variable width bars. They bars with higher volume to average volume ratio are drawn wider than bars with lower ratio. Click here to try them out.
Screen for historical Bollinger Bands patterns. Searches can be narrowed down to a specific date, a specific price range and minimum volume average.
In the ET Ratings section, all the table data reflect the values of the current selected date.
For more information on Bollinger Bands, %b and BandWidth, refer to the glossary in the ET Support section.
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