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Welcome to John Bollinger's EquityTrader

EquityTrader is a service of Bollinger Capital Management, Inc. It is designed to provide investors with a quick and easy method of evaluating the past performance and potential appreciation of equities. EquityTrader evaluates a universe of 5,000 stocks in two dimensions: how they have done in the past and how they are expected to perform now.

EquityTrader employs a fuzzy logic engine to evaluate 54 rules to determine a stock's Potential Rating. Both fundamental and technical factors are considered in arriving at the Potential. The Potential is the heart of EquityTrader. It provides the model's assessment of the current potential return for a stock. The fuzzy logic model is unique to EquityTrader and was developed by John Bollinger, who is probably best known for his Bollinger Bands®.

The latest addition to EquityTrader is BBScript. BBScript is a recently developed web-based programming language for technical analysis that is integrated with our advanced chart engine. It is an easy scripting language for implementing and plotting technical indicators in our interactive advanced charts. Unlike other stand-alone financial software packages that can be quite expensive and limited to platform, this language is bundled with our monthly Professional subscription and is run on the web. It is cloud based. You have access to this service from anywhere with an internet connection. Your scripts are automatically saved so you can access them whenever you log on. No additional software installation or updates are required. Every time you load the chart page, the latest updates are automatically applied. With our wide selection of more than 50 indicators, including the latest Bollinger Band indicators, Bollinger Band Expert (automated stock/fund analyzer) and interactive TrendLines, BBScript makes EquityTrader charts extremely versatile and powerful.
Using BBScript you can easily create nearly any indicator you can imagine and test your ideas with its simple and easy to learn Backtester. The Backtester allows you to build, historically test and automate your own trading strategies with the help of trade reports, equity curves, interactive trade signals and many other tools available right from the advanced chart. Learn more about the Backtester.

Finally another extremely popular EquityTrader Professional feature is the Stops indicators in the Advanced Charts. These include highly customizable BBStops, Ice Breaker trading systems, Chandelier and Parabolic Stops that plot indicator lines and signals and generate trade reports based on the signals generated.

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