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Rating System:

The easy-to-use rating system is unique in that it uses "traffic lights" to illustrate the model's analysis. The strongest rating is two green lights; the weakest rating is two red lights. You may click on the Performance or Potential lights for some of the details behind the Ratings. Lists of changes in the Ratings and the best and worst Performance and Potential Rating are available by clicking the Lists button at the left of the page.  The explanation here is for stocks, but it is applicable to groups, sectors and the market.

  • Performance Rating:
    The Performance Rating is the risk-adjusted return ranking of a stock. We examine the past two years of data and calculate the annualized return. Then we measure the stock's susceptibility to downside market action and penalize the return if the stock exhibits greater than normal downside volatility. For example, a stock that rose in a straight line at a 15% annualized rate would rate higher than a stock that rose at a 15% rate but covered a great deal of ground doing so.
  • Potential Rating:
    The Potential Rating is the heart of the system. It is our assessment of the current potential for a stock. We employ a fuzzy-logic engine to evaluate 54 rules to determine a stock's potential. Both fundamental and technical factors are considered in arriving at our Potential Rating.

EquityTrader Ratings System
1 is best, 5 is worst.

Alert Signals:

There are two type of discrete signals on our charts, PowerShifts and Pivots.
  • Powershift:
    A positive PowerShift signal occurs when a security has become severely oversold and strengthens enough to potentially break the decline. Positive PowerShift signals are marked by a rising wedge with a green core plotted beneath the day on which they occurred. 
    A negative PowerShift signal is just the opposite of a positive PowerShift with a small variation in the logic and is marked by a falling wedge with a red core plotted above the day on which it occurred.  
  • Pivot:
    A negative Pivot occurs when a severely oversold security strengthens and then fails. A pivot sell is marked by a red minus sign plotted above the day it occurs.
    A positive Pivot is the reverse of a negative Pivot, again with a small change in the logic, and is marked with a green plus beneath the day on which it occurred.

There is a difference in the logic between the positive and negative signals, based upon the idea that declines generally proceed at a faster pace than advances. (The old saw goes, "Down is faster!")

Pivots usually, but not necessarily, occur after PowerShifts. Conceptually Pivots are companions to PowerShifts and should mark reaction highs after important lows and vice versa. An idealized chart is presented below.

EquityTrader Signals: Pivots and Powershifts


BBScript is a web-based programming language for technical analysis. It was developed as a quick, simple and easy to use scripting language for implementing and plotting technical indicators for equities on EquityTrader. The BBScript code is compiled and runs on top of our advanced chart engine and uses the same interactive features as our advanced charts. These include, data streaming, TrendLines, dynamic trackers, crosshairs, chart drag, zooming in and out, automatic script and settings saving, etc...

The BBScript editor offers many programmer friendly tools such as language reference lookup, instant function lookup, comment coloring, system printout for errors along with error highlighting in the actual code, and debugging printouts.

Using BBScript you can easily create nearly any indicator you can imagine and test your ideas with our new integrated Backtester. The Backtester allows you to build, test and automate your own trading strategies with the help of trade reports, equity curves, and many other tools. Learn more about the Backtester.

BBScript has an online community forum for users to share and discuss indicator codes. We provide support and add new indicator scripts for our users to try. BBScript is an evolving language. New updates are constantly added to provide users with more tools to implement their favorite indicators.

For more information, refer to the official BBScript website, and the BBScript EquityTrader tutorial section.

Dynamic Stops:

EquityTrader Pro subscribers can plot stops/trading systems on the Advanced Charts. Multiple types of stops/systems are available: BBStops, Ice Breaker trading systems, Chandelier and Parabolic, with detailed trade reports available for each. Stops (excluding Ice Breaker trading system) can be set for long or short positions. Your stops and parameters are saved so when you next log on to EquityTrader the stops will be reloaded with your settings and parameters. As data is updated your stops are updated automatically. For more information read EquityTrader Support Stops & Systems.

Bollinger Band® Expert:

An artificial intelligence system, integrated in our advanced charts, that analyzes a stock or fund and prepares a report that may be read or listened to. There are two versions for this feature, a free basic version and an advanced professional version which is only available for professional subscribers. Learn More...

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