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  • Portfolio Management
    When first using the Portfolio section you are prompted to create a portfolio. After creating one, you can view that portfolio in the main portfolio page. To create additional portfolios or edit an existing one, click the "Manage Portfolios" link on the upper left side of the page.

    You can create a portfolio by clicking the "Create a new portfolio" link on the bottom of the PORTFOLIO LIST table. Add a name for the portfolio and enter stock symbols to it. Click the "Submit" button to save the newly created portfolio. This prompts you into the edit mode. You can rename the portfolio or modify the stock symbols within. As always, you can edit any portfolio in your list by clicking on its name.

    Manage (Create/Edit) Portfolios and Add Transactions

    Portfolio Transactions Performance Table
    While in edit mode, you may add as many transactions to each stock in any portfolio you create. Pick the date of the transaction, the type (buy or sell), the quantity and the price of the transaction. To add more transactions, click the "Add Transaction" button corresponding to that stock. You can delete any transaction by clicking the X button on the same row. Transactions are always sorted by the latest date first. However, for better visualization, you can drag and drop transactions into any order. After you've added your transactions, click the "Save Transactions" button to save them in our database. You can always edit those transactions in the Manage Portfolio edit mode.

    Once you've created and saved your transactions, a transactions' performance table will be displayed along with your portfolio charts. The table displays the summary of all your transactions for each stock within the portfolio. This includes daily net change, average purchase price, latest price of stock, quantity you hold, market value of that quantity, percent market share, profit generated so far for each stock, and percent transaction gain. In addition the total daily net change is displayed as well as your historic gains.

    Portfolio Transactions Performance Table

  • Portfolio View Section

    EquityTrader Portfolio Section

  • Portfolio List

    Click on the Manage Portfolio link to add/edit/delete portfolios.
    Switch to another Portfolio using the drop down menu.
    The contents of the current Portfolio is listed along with their Potential Ratings.
    The average potential of all the stock(s) within the selected portfolio list is calculated and displayed under Portfolio Potential.
    During Market hours, 15-min delayed quotes of stocks are displayed. Data from the previous business day is used if there is an error in the delayed quote. The chart of the currently selected symbol within the selected portfolio is displayed.
    Click on any symbol in the list and the displayed portfolio chart will be updated dynamically.
    To plot all the symbols in one chart relative to each other, click the "Plot All" button.
    Portfolio List

  • Selected Chart
    The portfolio chart is a modified version of the main EquityTrader chart.
    It is stripped of its symbol input field and navigator button.
    It displays the ratings of the plotted symbol and its parent. It also displays a quote table, as shown in the figure below, for the current selected symbol including the symbol's name, last close, price change, date and time, high and low range of the time period depending on the sample rate selected, 52 week high and low range, the open and the volume for that time period.

    Portfolio Quote Table Portfolio Quote Table

    For full details on the chart application, refer to the Chart Tutorial.

Go to EquityTrader Portfolio section.

Quote data delayed 15 minutes for Nasdaq, 20 minutes for NYSE and Amex.
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