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EquityTrader.com provides a subscription Professional Section for those who want more advanced analysis options. These include a number of tools designed to help you select stocks. The Professional Section contains the following features: Brief descriptions of the major features of ET Pro are provided below. Next there is a glossary of the terms used in this section. Finally the main formula used in ET Pro are listed for your reference.

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  • Alert Signals
    Alert Signals Section

    This section provides a daily list of stocks exhibiting Pivots and PowerShifts (trading signals). The list goes back to almost 3 months of data and shows results in a sortable table displaying the symbol's historic chart, the closing price as well as the potential rating for the selected date. The number of positive and negative signals for each day is displayed. Click on the numbers to see a list of the stocks. Often the numbers themselves can serve as timing guides. For example, the day of and the day after an important low there should be large numbers of positive PowerShifts.

    Subscribers can receive e-mails alerting them of PowerShift signals occurring throughout the trading day. Signals are checked every 30 minutes and calculated from 15 minute delayed quotes.

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  • ET Ratings
    Ratings Historic List Section

    Historical list of top/bottom potentials, performances, potential changes, and newly rated stocks. Go back up to 6 months of data and screen for different ratings. Specify the number of sorted results returned instead of being limited to the 20 picks provided by the LISTS section.

    This tab lets you quickly see lists of the strongest and weakest stocks in our universe. Use the pull-down menus at the top to select the lists you wish to see. Lists are available for Performance, Potential, and Potential Change. The Performance lists will be of special interest to relative-strength investors. Traders focusing on where the action is will find the Potential Change lists of interest.

    The results are displayed in a table with the selected date's closing price, potential, performance ratings and 2 year risk adjusted return as well as the symbol's historic chart.

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  • Bollinger Band Patterns
    Bollinger Bands Patterns Section

    This section provides a list of stocks depicting Bollinger Band patterns (Squeeze, Walker Up/Down Bands, %b, etc.) Review up to 6 months of data and screen for different Bollinger Band patterns. Additional screening criteria include price range and minimum average volume.

    This section presents a number of lists based on Bollinger Band characteristics. The Squeeze, Upper Band Walkers, Lower Band Walkers, stocks above their upper bands (%b > 1.0), stocks below their lower bands (%b < 0.0) and Example System buys and sells. A minimum price can be specified to screen out low-priced stocks. Depending on market conditions these lists can occasionally be quite large.

    The results are displayed in a table with the selected date's closing price, price change, average volume, bandwidth, potential, performance ratings, signals and 2 year risk adjusted return as well as the symbol's historic chart.

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  • Stock Screening
    Customizable Stock Screening Menu

    Screen for stocks based upon a large variety of criteria. Screening criteria include price range, average volume, normalized volume, alphas & betas, performance and potential ratings and ranges, signals occurring within a specified range of dates, range of 2 year risk adjusted returns, search by group or sector...

    Stock Screening Results Section

    The stock screening results display a wide variety of data including:
    Last closing price and price changes, volume, average volume, 2 year risk adjusted return, 52 week high and 52 week low, performance and potential rating for the symbol, as well as its group and sector rating and percentile rank vs the complete universe of stocks, sector stocks and group stocks, last 3 signals and the latest betas and alphas. A historic chart is also displayed.

    Any of these fields can be combined. For example, screen for high priced stocks in the financial sector with negative PowerShifts in the past 10 days, or strong stocks in a specific group with high Potential ratings.

    Go to EquityTrader Professional Stock Screening sub-section.

  • Glossary

    %b: An indicator that reports where we are in relation to the Bollinger Bands. At 1.0 we are at the upper band, at 0.0 we are at the lower band and at 0.5 we are at the middle band. 1.1 indicates that we are 10% of the BandWidth above the upper band and -0.2 indicates we are 20% below the lower band. %b formula

    BandWidth: An indication of how wide the bands are as a function of the middle band. Used to identify the Squeeze at low values and the end of trends at high values. BandWidth formula

    Bollinger Bands: Trading Bands developed by John Bollinger that spread above and below a moving average by a measure of volatility--standard deviation. The default parameters are 20 days and +/- two standard deviations. Bollinger Band Formula

    Example System: A simple system that picks buy and sell points based on Bollinger Bands. It is the one of the systems that was taught in John Bollinger's 2001 Bollinger Bands seminar. A DVD of the seminar is available at http://www.bollingerbands.com/products/?type=bbdvd.

    Performance: A risk-adjusted rating on a scale from one to five with one being best. Performance is a front-weighted calculation using two years of data. A performance rating is risk-adjusted downward if downside volatility is greater than upside volatility.

    Potential: A rating based on a 54-rule fuzzy logic model that considers both fundamental and technical factors. One is best, five is worst.

    Potential Change: The change in the Potential rating from the prior day. An improvement results in a lower score--one is best, five is worst--so a decrease indicates a strengthening stock.

    PowerShifts: Positive PowerShifts are generated when a stock becomes severely oversold and then generates enough strength to potentially break the downtrend. Negative PowerShifts are just the opposite.

    Pivots: Positive Pivots are generated when a stock that has been severely oversold bounces and runs out of steam. Pivots often mark the end of the first leg up after a decline. Negative pivots are just the opposite.

    Squeeze: The Squeeze is triggered when the Bollinger Bands fall to their narrowest value in six months. Squeezes often presage large moves. The Squeeze is quantified via BandWidth.

    Walkers: Walkers are stocks that have remained in contact with either the upper or lower Bollinger Bands for more than a day.

  • Formula

    %b = (last - lower_band) / (upper_band - lower_band)

    BandWidth = (upper_band - lower_band) / middle_band

    Bollinger Bands:
    Upper = middle band + 2 * 20-day standard deviation
    Middle = 20-day moving average
    Lower = middle band - 2 * 20-day standard deviation

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